It was way back in 1941 that Dumbo stole the hearts of families worldwide. In fact my son watched the movie at home over and over as a toddler.

Dumbo is the adorable main character in the Disney movie of the same name. His real name is Jumbo Jr. but because of his very large ears, he’s nicknamed Dumbo.

His ears are the focus of mean spirited name-calling and some bullying in the original. However, his large ears allow him to fly and he eventually gains popularity and adoration because of it.

A live-action adaption of the film was released in March of 2019, so it’ll be an in-demand costume for this Halloween season. It was directed by Tim Burton and many of the characters from the original film are missing and are replaced with new ones.

Some of the original scenes have also been removed or changed to better appeal to today’s audiences. Dumbo is the perfect costume for people of all ages. For adults, the costume is a gray jumpsuit with white embellishments at the hands and feet to mimic Dumbo’s.

A tail with fake fur tuft is attached to the back of the jumpsuit. The costume also includes a headpiece with tusks and a stuffed trunk. The headpiece also has the overly large ears, so it’s obvious you’re dressing up as your favorite elephant.

If you have a little one, there are plenty of options in these costumes to dress them up as Dumbo, too. The child’s costume for Dumbo is a gray jumpsuit with a red and gold collar.

The tail included on the jumpsuit is detachable. The costume also comes with a gray headpiece with large gray and pink ears. Some also come with a small yellow hat that has the Timothy mouse character from the original film sewn onto the front of it.

If your little girl wants to go as Dumbo, you can find slight differences in the Dumbo costume for girls. One comes with a gray headpiece with big ears, a gray bowtie, and a gray tail.

It also includes a gray tutu that will leave your little one feeling like the prettiest elephant in the world. If you’re looking to go as a human character this year for Halloween, Max Medici is a great choice.

He’s the ringmaster of the Medici Brothers’ Circus. He’s based loosely off the ringmaster of the original Dumbo movie, and is portrayed by Danny Devito in the 2019 film.

Medici’s costume comes with striped pants with elastic ankles and a light dress shirt. Also included is a red suit jacket. The jacket has black accents at the collar, wrists, and waist.

It also has black buttons running down the front, similar to Medici’s coat in the movie. A bow-tie that matches the pants is also included. A red and black ringmaster hat as an accessory to finish the costume off is also available.