The Conjuring AnnabelleWho said dolls had to be all happy and cute? Ed Long and Damien Glonek has something different in mind – have you seen the creepy Living Dead Dolls? These dolls are a line of horror dolls designed by Ed Long and Damien Glonek and manufacture red by Mezco Toyz. They have been doing this since 2000 and routinely release new series. Today, I am here to point you towards some of the creepiest spooky dolls:

The Conjuring Annabelle

Have you watched The Conjuring? It is a very creepy movie. This is the movie that introduced the scary doll called Annabelle. While she was only a supporting character, she took our imaginations by storm and returned to the big screen in the star of her very own movies titled Annabelle. In this film, you learned about the origin of the doll and see exactly what she is made of. Now, thanks to the Living Dead Dolls collection, you can have your very own Annabelle doll. This doll stands ten inches tall and features five points of articulation. She is wearing the accurate clothing and features the same hairstyle that you saw in the film.


Chucky the scary doll

Speaking in dolls from movies, we cannot forget about this possessed doll Chucky! Some people would only dare to have this doll in their home, so this isn’t really for the weak hearted! This doll stands 10 inches tall and has the same clothing he wears in the movie. How do you feel about having a Chucky scary doll in your home? Don’t worry, he comes in a collector-friendly box, so you can choose to unleash him or let him stay for viewing.

Samhain Doll

Spooky samhain doll

Like Beltane and Lammas, the Samhain Doll is based on the Pagan holiday. Underneath her mask, there is facepaint that looks like a skull. Her death date just so happens to be the Pagan New Year.

Krampus Living Dead Doll Set

Scary Dolls 1

In German folklore, Krampus is an anthropomorphic, horned figure who punishes children during Christmas time. He goes to the children who have misbehaves, unlike Saint Nicholas, who we all know brings the well-behaved children gifts. 

The Headless Horseman Doll

The Headless Horseman Doll

Here is one of the most popular characters of American folklore¬† The Headless Horseman. After he lost his head during the Revolutionary war, he rides through the night looking for his head. Since he doesn’t find it, he settles for a pumpkin, but continues the search for his missing head. This is the first Living Dead Doll that allows you to remove the head, so you can display him with his pumpkin head on or off. When you take it off, you will see his stump of a neck. He stands 10 inches toll and comes complete with clothing.

The Nohell Doll

The Nohell Doll

This is Nohell and she is dressed for the Christmas season! She is wearing a festive red and white dress and her boots contain real bells and her hat is removable. She stands 10 inches tall.


Alice In Wonderland Figure Eggzorcist as The White Rabbit

White Rabbit scary doll

I cannot pass up this creepy Alice in Wonderland rabbit! If you enjoyed the movie and loved the game titled Alice, you will absolutely adore Eggzorcist.

Schitzo the Clown


I’m sorry if you’re afraid of clowns, but I definitely have to add a creepy clown! I mean come on, no creepy list would be complete without a clown! Schitzo the Clown is here to send creeps your way!¬†

So there you have the creepiest evil dead dolls you have Annabelle, Chucky, the Samhain Doll, Krampus, the Headless Horseman, Nohell, Eggzorcist and Schitzo which one do you like the most?